Detox Diary: Week Three

Weeks into a deep regenerative detoxification protocol and it is hard to find the words to describe this process. I have maintained a moderate pace as I continue to transition my diet that is now more strict than ever. It will ultimately become more radically strict for a short period of time as I ease into and out of detoxification.

That said I am actually becoming able to eat more foods now than I was able to for quite a long time. I am continuing to add more simple foods and though still underweight managing to keep from losing more, as I can take in more calories with less food reactions. I still have some light GI issues with eating but overall this is the best it has been in about 7 years. Cutting out many complex foods and antinutrients has made a VERY big difference! The area where a hiatal hernia ruptured several years ago is no longer swollen or painful. My body was in a state of wasting and dehydration due to severe malabsorption. This began after a cold turkey withdrawal from many pharmaceutical medications for anxiety, depression, pain, gastro issues, migraines, neuropathy etc.

I have been able to mitigate the severe gastroparesis issues that I have had for many years. The cardiac issues have begun easing in severity and the nerves in the front of my legs have begun to regain feeling and small sensations. Not many years ago I was close to becoming reliant on a wheelchair, and I would have to crawl on my floor to get from room to room. In 2012 my mobility was stolen by a dose of Levaquin and steroids for a suspected respiratory/chest infection. This week , after many years, I was able to ride a bike again, for about 5 minutes.

I have not had tremors or seizures in some time now but still had great neurological pain. I still have issues with dystonia and akathisia. The cloud of depression has been lifting ever since I walked away from anti-depressant and anxiety medications. I am motivated to keep going forward as I now begin to add more medicinal herbs into the mix. Currently I am working to heal my gastrointestinal, urinary, and endocrine system. I still have an immense amount of work to do in recovering systematically.


I am keeping a very slow pace because even with this amazing progress the level of exhaustion, pain and difficulty I endure is mind numbing. Also I am recovering from 3.5 decades of chemical and pharmaceutical toxicity/neurotoxicity after being born with chronic illness.


I still have so much to learn and habits to transform into positive manifestations of cleansing, purging what no longer serves my soul. This will be a very long process and I am paying attention to what my mind, body, heart, and soul need. In order to dig into a deeper discipline, I become my best friend, nursing myself with loving compassion is a requirement for recovery!

I am so grateful for the love, support, and knowledge that has been shared with me. I am blessed with the beauty of so many blessings….



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