Autumn Detox Update: The Season of Change

Upon beginning this transformation two months ago, I underestimated the depths of this regenerative detoxification process.  This is truly a holistic body, mind, heart and soul cleansing. While deconditioning and freeing myself from toxic habits, I have tried to keep my focus on intensive self-care, and mindfulness.


I have been able to resume some old hobbies of some reading and crafting, and I continue to slowly regain neurological function. I have been able to read a book, go for longer walks, and attend limited and small public outings. I am tapping back into old culinary skills as I continually experiment with building a well-balanced diet. I have been able to tolerate more foods with less reactions with these modifications, so I am expanding my horizons with more raw foods and fruits. I do not eat pre-made packaged foods, GMOs, pesticide laden  produce, or animal proteins. 

What I Eat – Detox Month 2

After several years I am now beginning to enjoy tomatoes, peppers, melons, citrus, and dates! Last year eating one date resulted in a few paramedics visiting my apartment. I continue to do food exposures to increase calories and nutrition. I  eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables, many mono meals, with small amounts of fats and proteins. I adhere to strict food combination guidelines as I learn more about natural and nutritional healing. I no longer require digestive enzymes with each meal!

Food Combining 3

I also began micro dosing a variety of herbs to begin a comprehensive plan to recover adrenal function and overall health. I have had many adverse reactions to various natural treatments and foods, so I have learned to slow the pace and listen to my body. I slowly increase these doses one week at a time, until able to take a fully recommended dose. I continue to find more stability and success with a vegan diet, and have been working on tailoring my food plan. Adjusting to restorative and healing foods, and learning to change with the seasons of mother nature. I have backed away from synthetic vitamins and  supplementing after several years of trying many various treatments.  I continue learning balance, in ignorance some of the previous natural treatments I had been doing were stripping my body to an even more depleted condition, they were too hard and too fast! Below is a basic outline of what that I do each day:


My Herbal and Healing Protocol

Addressing medicinal nutrition and stress management have been some of the many challenges I have had to address. In my quiet times I journal and meditate on who I have been,  who I am in the Eternal Now, and who I am BEcoming. I began identifying the negative attachments I have had to many situations. In particular the emotional relationship I have had with food, that was doing my mind and body great harm. I cut down my fat, protein and sodium consumption greatly, and no longer eat pre-made packaged foods. As I continue to learn more about proper food combinations, and digestive stability, my other primary focus has been on adrenal/kidney function.

images (1).jpeg

One major area that I have had to address is stress management and executive function. I have been better able to attend to my personal affairs with application of some sensory overload management skills I learned during therapy for Asperger’s Syndrome. I learned better coping techniques that I began applying to my everyday life. These have brought me more balance spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.


As I have kept a slow pace of detoxification the pain has been manageable, though intense. The detox symptoms though similar, are not the same as the many horrific and acute drug/food/chemical reactions symptoms. I know that the farther I go into healing I will experience intense and painful symptoms, so I will spend the fall and winter months adjusting and learning to how to deal with the healing crisis. I am continuing to learn how to use foods and herbals to manage and treat a variety of symptoms. With a great deal of effort, balance, and education I have been able to maintain a more functional baseline. I am focused on building strength, and increasing tolerances to more foods and natural medications. 

As the Summer season turned into Autumn I decided that it was time to surround myself with life. Having been primarily bedridden over the last six years it is a joy to be able to do the most basic chores. I have begun plans for an indoor garden for the winter season and getting out more to enjoy more social interactions. I adopted two fish (Oya and Mabon) and a number of household plants. This has been a blessing in many ways, after spending many years chronically homeless or in an unstable and dysfunctional living environment. 


After an inspiring presentation at  the COVHHA Convention I decided to pursue yoga with more dedication, feeling the benefits after just a few days of gentle, daily practice. The link below is my favorite instructor to follow for gentle and restorative yoga.

After an affirming yet disappointing visit to my primary care physician last month, I had an appointment with the gastrointestinal doctor. He was a bit confused as to why I refused to take the pharmaceuticals that he prescribed. For years had felt forced or pressured to take many medications that I was uncomfortable with, and have numerous medical procedures performed. He suggested that I have a colonoscopy/endoscopy to see if something was wrong due to the intensity and severity of the symptoms. My response was direct, raw, and firm.

I began by telling him I have taken more medications than he could even fathom, to including the several that he had tried prescribing me. I told him I had been drinking Mylanta straight out of the bottle before I even hit puberty. I mentioned that I had lost track of the times I had been rushed to the hospital, at times via ambulance, due to horrific gastrointestinal symptoms. I had lived this way for my entire life and only recently been experiencing some stability, though my body still frail from the setback I experienced from eating three tablespoons of organic grass-fed bone broth.

I told him that after years of being treated with these standardized treatments, I suffered from PTSD by way of the medical community. I told him I was the expert on my body and for years have had many adverse, at times deadly, traumatic reactions to the medications used during these tests and procedures. It’s a long story that I outlined in s previous post……

Canary in the Mine


I firmly corrected him when he tried noting that the 12 pound weight loss I had sustained was due to diet. I insisted that his notes should reflect the weight loss was due to the near fatal food reaction I had  been trying to recover from over the last few months. I told him that I wanted to see what my gallbladder function was currently, though with no procedures, medications, or radiation. The bone broth reaction had been so severe that along with neurotoxicity, my gall bladder was visibly protruding from my right side, and the pain was beyond what I could describe with in words.

Here are some references as to why bone broth can be a bad idea for some people along with reference guides for identifying high glutamate foods/ingredients:

I reinerated to him that the way I had been able to actually get some stability WAS with diet modifications, natural therapies. I briefly outlined to him what I was doing and as he updated my chart he simply said, “Wow”.

Later that afternoon I went to visit the vision specialist I had seen the previous year, and that visit blew my mind! I had immediately like her when I first met her last year. She  had immense expertise with vision issues due to neurotoxicity and autism, and had worked with the Wounded Warrior Project. She was familiar with people with high sensitivities and was experienced with traumatic brain injury. Since the ADR to Levaquin and protracted pharmaceutical withdrawal I had more severe issues with vision and at times would be blinded for hours.

images (1)

During my visit to her the previous year, she had prescribed me some specialized lenses, but I told her I had not been able to afford them. She said that she could try to help me find a way to get them and proceeded to re-examine my eyes to update the prescription. She was astounded and thrilled as she concluded the examination, “Well lady guess what you no longer need prescription glasses”! What???? My eyes were beginning to well up with tears. She said that I had been able to pass tests that I had previously been unable to perform. She also had a pair of tinted readers that she had donated and could give me free of charge. These have made reading much easier to accomplish, and help me with sensory overload.

I told her that though difficult, I had been able to read an entire book. She was smiling to hear of the progress, as I briefly outlined to her what I had been doing. She was glad to hear that I was no longer taking medications and eating foods that were causing extreme neurotoxic reactions. She believes that I will continue to heal and commended me for taking charge of my health.


I have a great deal of work in front of me as I transition, and learn more about how to reduce the toxic load of chronic illness, continuing to learn new habits. I am also learning how to make my own products. It has been about 3 years since I detoxed from pharmaceutical and over the counter medications. It has been around 5 years since I was fully disabled by a combination of fluoroquinolone antibiotics (Levaquin) and steroids.


It has been a long month, though it has passed very quickly. I have been learning so much along the way, and am happy to be able to share this journey with you all! I will be posting another detox update when Winter begins….

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  1. I’m thrilled for your progress! You’re obviously doing the right things to restore your health. I agree that it’s important to address stress and find healthy ways of coping with it in addition to the diet you’re doing. I too eat very similarly to you and find it healing.


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