My Integral Essentials- Glorious Garlic

I have always loved garlic when cooking meals! As I consume less cooked meals, I have developed a deep appreciation for consuming organic raw garlic, not only for flavor but as a potent medicinal therapy. no more pills

When I am in need of a systemic antibiotic, this is a go-to treatment that benefits my body on multiple levels. It is also readily available and economical on a fixed, and limited, income. Garlic is shown to act as a systemic antibiotic . . . so what does that actually mean?

Systemic administration is a route of administration of medication, nutrition, or other substance into the circulatory system so that the entire body is affected. antibioticI began looking for a more powerful but natural treatment, after a disabling adverse reaction to fluoroquinolone antibiotics. I learned the hard way about some of the potentially disastrous side effects of pharmceutical antibiotics. I learned the hard way about some of the potentially disastrous side effects of pharmaceutical antibiotics.


To understand the nature of something is pertinent in the case of antibiotic therapies, whether one chooses natural or pharmaceutical treatment. When I feel infection or fungal issues arise, I begin consuming organic raw garlic with the onset of symptoms. I cut up a raw bulb, and combine with a daily dose of enriched honey and/or twice daily dose of elderberry syrup, on an empty stomach.

After about an hour or longer, I consume a small meal to avoid any gastrointestinal discomfort. antibiotics 1It does have a bit of a burning sensation in the throat. I relish in the sensation, knowing it is working to holistically heal this immune compromised body. I support the body depending on what symptoms that I experience, keeping balanced gut support and hydration a primary focus. I Rest and Recover, Focusing on the Essentials.

Here are some great garlic protocol tips: Garlic protocol and using Garlic for staph infectiongarlic-infographicI repeat a daily protocol for about 2-14 days depending on what level of infection or symptoms that arise. I also use garlic for cardiac healing, dental infections, and so much more. I also use this as preventative measure, especially when I get some nasty bug bites. I’ve also found that it makes a great natural bug repellent. As a truly versatile herb, it is an integral and essential addition to my medicine cabinet.

Other Sources of Interest: garlic and fruit

Healing Vibes,


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