Raw Applesauce

images (1)Whether I want a bowl of applesauce or a delicious addition to a fruit smoothie, this is the BEST applesauce that I have ever made!!!! It is also super easy and requires NO COOKING!


  • 4 organic apples skin on *(I reserve some skin and the cores for making pectin)
  • 2 T. organic lemon juice
    Cinnamon (optional)


  • Core and cut apples into 1 inch cubes.
  • Blend with lemon juice to desired consistency in food processor.
  • Store in a glass jar, refrigerate, and enjoy for the next few days.

PectinArticleMemeKeeping the skin on it increases the nutritional value, and they are loaded with  a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Apples contain phytonutrients (“phyto” is the Greek term for plant)  that give them their color and flavor.

These protect the plants from fungi, bugs, and germs. Apples are high in fiber, easily digested, and help to prevent weight gain. They contain pectin which acts as a prebiotic feeding the good bacteria in our gut. This is referenced in this study.

I find hope in that apple pectin may even modulate gut bacteria, and could be a potential with people who have metabolic disorders.

how-i-feel-when-i-take-my-antihistaminesPersonally, I do not use probiotics or eat fermented foods in my gut healing protocol. I do better eating foods that are naturally high in probiotics and prebiotics. I also find many herbs also contain the nutrition our gut flora requires, to stay in balance. Here are some informative links on how to make your own apple pectin!

They are said to lower blood cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Apples are also rich in quercetin, which helps to reduce inflammation in the body and regulates allergic reactions. I have found adding quercetin to my diet helps to manage the mast cell reactions that I have had for decades….Bye Bye Benadryl!

Research is showing that apples also help to detox and protect our bodies of toxins. There is great hope being shown in the field of cancer prevention and treatment. Here is a link from the American Institute for Cancer Research.

Looks like there is something to the old saying after all, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

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