Conscious Consent: My Dental Procedure

In the late Autumn I had to get a fractured tooth extracted. This had been an ongoing issue and though I was ready to get it behind me, I felt some serious anxiety about the procedure. I had seen a few dentists already and none of them seem to understand the complexity of the health issues I experienced with standardized care (especially in regard Ehler-Danlos syndrome and Mastocytosis). It took me months to find a dentist that would listen to me.

I had already decided that I did not want any nitric oxide, epinephrine, or antibiotics. My primary care doctor understood very well why I was so adamant about this, but finding a dentist or oral surgeon seemed virtually impossible. Fortunately, I did find one and he agreed to perform the procedure, while honoring my requests.

rare-disease-patients-become-doctors-without-diplomas-to-keep-professionals-from-killing-them-with-nonsense-and-ego-e5f58Due to previous reactions and cardiac issues he performed the extraction with a local anesthetic that did not contain epinephrine, called carbocaine. The other practitioner that I saw wanted to perform the procedure in a hospital and have an anesthesiologist standing by to administer a dose benzodiazepines or propofol. After surviving pharmaceutical injury and protracted benzodiazepine withdrawal, I knew this could cause me even further harm.

I made sure to increase foods that were Vitamin C, Iron, and Zinc rich one week before going into the procedure. I also increased the milk thistle that I took once daily to three times daily. I always pay attention to hydration but increased my fluid intake a few days before the extraction. On the day of the procedure I made sure to be hydrated and make sure I had a full belly. I do not eat grains regularly but I decided to eat a big bowl of gluten-free oatmeal before heading over to the oral surgeon’s office.

I made sure to take along a few things along to help me manage stimming and anxiety. I also made sure to get an ice pack and some organic cotton gauze (I refused the one that surgeon had at his office because conventional cotton is full of pesticides). I did have a small reaction to the numbing injection, but it passed quickly and I just kept the focus on  this breathing meditation.

  • Headphones
  • Blanket
  • Grounding/Comfort Object
  • Pain Management Mantra
  • Safe Word
  • Breathwork

After a the quick and relatively painless procedure was concluded I went home to recover. I had prepared some alternative and herbal treatments to help me recover and treat infection.

I had prepared some herbal teas and infused water to get me through a few days of recovering. I preapred simple but nutrient rich smoothies and soups to keep me full and stable throughout the recovery period. Though the healing process was slow, after the first few days, I began getting back to baseline function.

Clove Mouthrinse (for pain and infection)20181012_165611.jpg

1 tsp. clove powder
4 oz. water

Measure out clove and put into glass jar.
Heat water to near boiling and add to clove.
Steep 10-15 minutes. Strain.
Warm Water Salt Rinse (for pain and infection)

1/8 tsp. Pink Himalayan sea salt
4 oz. Water
Measure out salt and put into glass jar.
Warm water and add to salt.


Annex-Naturopathic-Clinic-Toronto-Naturopathic-Doctor-in-the-Annex-Oct03-02Garlic Infused Manuka Honey (for infection)

9 cloves of purple garlic, minced
2 tbsp. manuka honey
4 tbsp. raw honey

Combine garlic and honey into glass jar and mix well. Cover and place in
room temperature, dark cabinet or shelf. Infuse for two days, mixing daily.
The day after the procedure I took 1 tsp. 3 times daily until I finished the jar. You can use this recipe to modify to your needs or preference.


20180927_104908Dandelion and Burdock Tea

2 tsp. Dandelion Root/Leaf
1 tsp. Burdock Root
16 oz. water

Measure out herbs and water out into glass pot. Bring to a boil.
Reduce heat to simmer for 15 minutes. Turn off heat and steep for
30 minutes. Strain. Cool. Freeze (I drank this on the 2nd day of recovery).


Ginger Lemon Infused Water

3 Tbsp ginger, grated or chopped
2 lemons
5 cups of water

Blend ginger and lemon. Cover and steep on counter. Strain.
Divide into 5 jars. Freeze.
*After thawing dilute with 2-3 cups of water, drinking one serving each day for 5 days.

I used this recipe (minus the cinnamon) to make a soothing and immune boosting elderberry tea, and took a hawthorn berry tincture. I found that hot salt baths helped me relax and get some extra regenerative sleep.

I spent the next couple of days resting, watching movies, and doing some light yoga. My doctor had expressed concern about getting this done before the upcoming winter season. I was glad that I had taken the time to prepare for procedure, and followed my intuition to not be pressured into standardized treatment!


Annabelle (AnnaBanana)

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