Detox Diary 2019: Spring Forward


It’s official….Spring is here!!!!

imagesDriving down the road today I saw the bright blossoms of the phlox plants. My heart brimming with gratitude, after having made it through another long, and hard winter. Celebrating the beginning of Spring is a blessed honor, and each year I get a little stronger! When I first wake up I embrace the day with hope and joy, as I go about my best to help my body heal from decades of damage. The healing is not only from  pharmaceutical injury, but also from a lifetime of dysfunction, disorder, and disease (here is my story).

This was my 4th Winter since a poly-drugged cold-turkey pharmaceutical drug withdrawal from multiple psychiatric and anxiety medications, opiates, and a bunch of other prescribed and OTC medications . This also marked that it had been nearly 6 years since the catastrophic side effects I had to Levaquin, a dangerous fluoroquinolone antibiotic. Personally, I know so many that suffer, either having died or been permanently disabled, sadly many more will suffer the damaging effects of fluoroquinolones.

I am on my way to check in with my primary care physician, updating her on my progress. I am still doing much of the protocol that I developed for over the Winter, but have made many shifts and changes that are here in my updated protocol. While I have focused a great deal on nutrition, I have had to address many other issues in my life. I continue to learn that many of my habits were toxic, and not helping me to recover. This was not only in relation to food/diet , but also to some of my daily habits and thought patterns.

I really I needed to focus on more than just my body-mind connection, I needed to address healing on an emotional and energetic level. I began learning more formal types of meditation to practice daily, and began incorporating yoga and QiGong into my daily routine. This is one of my favorite YouTube channels to follow as I learn more about this practice.


images (1)Another practice that I have been developing is learning how to breathe properly. I was amazed to learn that I was not getting enough oxygen to my cells! I began to discover more about this when I began to study cellular dehydration. I developed a breathing practice that I do daily from this book that I found at my local library. As I continue to go through the metabolic regenerative detoxification process, I do my best to give my cells the energy and fuel that they need to become healthy and strong, while cleaning them up from a life of what I term as “toxic shock”.

I have been in a heavy state of detoxification, for a long period of time,and honestly it can often be a brutal process! One blessing that this has been teaching me is to develop patience, decades of damage cannot be undone overnight! I have taken it very slowly and have been primarily focusing on my digestive system, along with kidney/adrenal function. I learned the hard way how horrific detoxification can be without addressing kidney function. It has taken me over a year to finally get a small amount of kidney filtration.

cosmology-of-qigong-37-638I also began addressing my sleeping habits, and slowly getting my body back into the circadian rhythm of nature. I printed out this Chinese Medicine/Body clock to help as a guide, finding it more useful than I had originally anticipated. Using these techniques helps me to identify areas that need more support. I have shifted my Spring Forward 2019 protocol to give my liver, gallbladder, and pancreas more support. I usually give myself a day or two of no herbs each week, and I continue to explore the amazing world of medicinal plants.

One thing that I have also learned is to rest more, and I do not mean staying in bed all day. I was stuck in bed for longer than I care to remember, so I like to be up and about during the day. I do take a short rest period in the afternoons, but usually I lounge in a chair that sits by a sunny window. The Sun feels so wonderful after a long, cold Winter! I was unable to tolerate the Sun for a long time, laying in a dark bedroom with sunglasses on, and shades drawn shut. Feeling the Sun kiss my cheeks literally brings tears to my eyes!!!!

In reflection, the biggest lesson I am being taught, is that it is all about balanced energy. Each time I go deeper into the detoxification process, I am faced with the challenge of achieving balance where I have been deficient or excessive. It is a constant learning process for me, and I am getting better of taking care of myself these days. Not burning myself out with worries or obligations, establishing boundaries, not engaging with negative energies, and limiting distractions has been absolutely necessary for me to maintain balance and relax my nervous system, enough to give my body a chance to recover.

madison_quoteI finally came to understand what my body needed by getting more closely connected with Mother Nature. I take time to get out in nature as often as possible, even if it is just sitting in my back yard. I have been able to go on some foraging and nature hikes, getting out in nature brings me instant relief. Check out this grass roots movement of doctors that are prescribing time out in nature as medicine!

934845_715970485161085_1699409659608461806_nWhen my doctors started talking about cancer, wanting me to do a pet scan, I decided it was time to break away from convention and use my own intuition. Looking back, I can scarcely believe what my life was once like, and who I once was….literally I was a ghostwalker. I have been working through these emotional and spiritual traumas, with a process that I call, “Practicing my A’s” (Acceptance, Acknowledgement, Admission, Atonement). I had to start by accepting that even though these choices were made for me in youth, I had been my worst enemy. This helped me become aware that I was my only real hope.

The body has an amazing self healing function, all that I needed to do was to get out of the way, and keep it simple.  I keep my meals simple, plant based, and mostly raw (I eat 3-4 cooked meals per month right now). I have phased out grains, beans, nuts, seeds, oils and cruciferous veggies (if I have an intense craving I will occasionally have a little raw cabbage or cashews) Most of what I eat is raw fruit, and I am now working in some light, intermittent fasting. So this Spring season my focus will be on simplicity and balance, as I continue making my way to Wellness….Slow and Steady!

Much Love, Annabanana ✌️💜💪🍌













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