Conscious Canary Chronicles

This is where it all began. The challenges I went through over the years that led me towards perusing a holistic lifestyle. If we don’t take the time to reflect on our past we will never be able to learn from it to move forward and develop into our own whole person.

Conscious Cuisine 

I love cooking and experimenting with new cuisine in my kitchen with my limited budget and food options. This category contains some of my favorite recipes that have pleased my taste buds and those of my friends and family every time I have prepared them.

Detox Diary

My entire voyage has focused on removing the chemicals that I have been exposed to from my body. It has been a long journey and these articles show you only a start of the techniques I have used to support my bodies own detoxification processes.

Healing From The Heart

Much of my healing process has focused on my own internal work and processing the experiences I have gone through. Take a read into my own heart and see how I have evolved through my self practices. I hope you will find your own inspiration here.

The Conscious Cabinet

There are many ingredients that I always aim to have in my kitchen cabinets that are essential to my healing process. In these articles I share with you some of the benefits of my most valuable healing tools.


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